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I've been building and repairing, stringed instruments since 1978, beginning with steel string Guitars, mainly smaller bodied, OM models.

My interest in other stringed instruments evolved and after some formal studies in early bowed instrument making in England in the mid 90's, I focused  on building renaissance and baroque "Viola da Gambas" or Viols, sort of a bowed    guitar really.

(Viol website here) 

I added Mandolin family instruments into the picture in 2006.

About half of the time since I began was spent doing repair work, which has been essential for my instrument building, to see what works and what doesn't.

 I am now actively building all three of these as a one man shop and I believe the knowledge gained working with this variety of instrument designs, structures and building techniques, has come together to give me deep insight into what it takes to make a well performing Guitar, Mandolin or Viol.

Feel free to contact me with questions ...or to arrange a visit if you are in the area or passing through and wish to see various instruments in person.