Recently completed "0" or Parlor. (3-2015)
Sitka spruce top, Indian Rosewood back, sides and burl peg head veneer, boxwood     
binding, french polish finish. Peghead shape derived from C. 1850 Martin.

The Guitars I make

I've always been attracted smaller bodied guitars, starting my career building mostly OM style guitars based on the original Martins.  My attraction to these instruments was originally for their use in different kinds of finger style playing and they have a surprisingly full sound and powerful output if properly made. More and more they are being used for almost all types of music.

The models 0 and 00 (with 12th fret neck/body joints) and OM (all three Martin styles) and L00 ( Gibson) all have a more or less restrained bass response determined largely by the size of the airspace inside the body which, along with other design elements unique to each model, gives each of these models their own voice and keeps the “sonic pallet” open for more delicate or complex styles of music.

OM Compound Cutaway in Brazilian Rosewood.

The cutaway is called "compound" because the side is bent with a twist and angles inward beneath the fingerboard to meet the taper of the neck heel, in the end, creating two different shapes on the front and back. (see photos). This creates a smooth transition from the neck to body and allows for better left hand access high up the fingerboard.

Sitka top, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, Mammoth  Ivory rosette.


Older work.